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Scanning your Outlook configuration by using the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA) for Office 365
Fix Outlook and Office 365 problems
Troubleshoot and fix your Office 365, Outlook, OneDrive for Business problems
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Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool
The Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool (OCAT) is a program that provides a detailed report of your current Outlook profile. This report includes many parameters about your profile and highlights any known problems that it found in your profile. For any problems that are listed in the report, you are provided with a link to a Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article that outlines a possible fix for the problem. If you are a Help Desk professional, you can also save the report to file so that the report can be viewed in the Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool on another client where the tool is installed.
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Free "Everything" file search tool
Recommended tool for locating any file name on an NTFS hard drive.  Much faster than using the Windows Explorer "Search" function.